3 Best Ways to Take CBD Oil Discreetly

3 Best Ways to Take CBD Oil Discreetly

You’ve probably noticed that the world has been on a CBD boom for the past couple of years. Now, the CBD market doesn’t simply offer consumers tinctures in terms of products. Companies producing CBD products are fortifying everything from fast foods to cosmetic products with cannabidiol – the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp and cannabis products. People can get numerous health and therapeutic benefits from CBD and CBD-infused products. 

For some, it’s simply part of a daily wellness program, like taking your morning medication or vitamin. Others like to benefit from the different CBD foods, or enjoy a CBD bath in the evening. But even with all these options available for the CBD user, some people still don’t have a clue about how to take CBD oil besides vaping and smoking. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of trying CBD, here are 3 of the best and most effective ways to enjoy the effects of CBD.


CBD topicals are meant for use by applying directly to the skin in the form of CBD-infused creams, balms, lotions, skin patches and salves. Topical CBD products are an effective option for treating skin conditions like eczema and localized pain discreetly. Topicals are also great when it comes to reducing joint swelling for those with conditions such as arthritis. CBD topicals offer intense relief to a specific area, but you’ll want to choose a product with a high concentration of CBD and apply generously because of the poor permeability of the skin. The best types of topicals contain other analgesics like camphor, capsacin, and menthol, as they add even more therapeutic properties to the product. 


CBD edibles are a discreet and healthy way to take CBD. There’s a broad range of CBD edibles including truffles, gummies, and even mints. But eating CBD edibles can take up to 2 hours for you to feel the effects because it has to pass through the digestive tract and liver to be partially broken down, and you’ll absorb approximately 20% to 30% of it. Scientists call this the first phase effect. Edibles are a great and healthy way to try CBD discreetly.

Sublingual Products

Sublingual CBD products are designed to be absorbed below the tongue. They come in the form of solutions and normally include tinctures, like oils, sprays, and lozenges. They are produced by soaking cannabis flower in alcohol and oil. Sublingual CBD products are a great alternative to edibles if you want to avoid the preservatives and sugars found in edibles. And letting the CBD absorb from under the tongue instead of having it pass through the digestive system preserves more of the CBD and the effects kick in faster. 

Well, there are numerous ways to take CBD oil. However, the best ways to consume it might depend on certain factors. You’ll want to look into things like your health, lifestyle and personal preferences when considering the different methods. In case you’re on any medications talk to your doctor before trying CBD to prevent any interactions with prescription medication.


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